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Find Events. 

Get Paid.

Webblen is a blockchain-based community-building problem. The app shows users events happening in their area and pays them to attend. 

Building Involved Communities.

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Webblen Breaks The Cycle.

Webblen builds involved communities. We bridge the digital divide between community members by leveraging cutting edge blockchain technology. We incentivize our users to get involved in their communities by showing them events in their area and paying them to attend. 



Our society is addicted, and we are all suffering for it. As technology has advanced, we have been promised that it would connect us. The opposite has happened. We are more lonely and isolated than ever, all thanks to the device in your hand

How it works.

Blockchain might sound like an intimidating technology to understand, but Webblen is pretty simple! Businesses community builders and individuals pay a small amount of money to post events on the platform. That money is then distributed to everyone who attends those events

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