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Incentivize community members to engage with your brand, initiatives, and events. See how it works.

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Community Members

Community Residents & Stakeholders

Earn Tokens
for being engaged in your community

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Businesses, Organizations, and Initiatives

Create Solutions
that improve your community

Community Champions

Corporations, Donors, Sponsors, and Investors

Finance and Measure
outcomes in your community

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Make a profit while making a difference

If you're looking to grow your community, Webblen was built for you.

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Keep it Local

Webblen starts local, when you post, everyone in your area will see your brand's content.

Grow your Audience

Create incentives to engage with your brand or events. Learn how Namazon does it!

Free Ticketing

Sell tickets for your events at no cost to you! Learn more.

Community Analytics

Measure your impact on the community through your brand, events, and initiatives.

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Trusted by 25,000+ Community Members & Change-Makers

Webblen is used to create positive change across 65 countries.
Fargo, ND
"Limitless Possibilities"
We are excited to begin our journey on a platform that will truly show us what our customer base really wants at a fraction of what it costs us now. It is hard to wrap your head around the limitless possibilities that Webblen can bring to the community and its business's. 
Michael Hlebechuk
Managing Partner at the Windbreak
Minneapolis, MN
"Super Fun App!"
Webblen has been amazing! I've used the app to see what's happening in my city and get involved in the projects that I care about. I love that the app gives suggestions on what to do in the city, but getting paid to do it is even better.
Sam Holbuck
Community Member


Your events, managed

Host successful and profitable events. We'll never dip into your profits.

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Grow your audience

When you post on Webblen, every user in the local area will see it, not just your followers.

Commission-free ticket sales

We don't charge you for selling tickets on the platform. It's 100% free.

Get your money instantly

When your event is over, you'll get your money right away with same-day deposits.

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Stream Everywhere

Stream to Twitch, Youtube and Facebook all at once through the mobile app.

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