All about Webblen
Webblen is a hyper-localized Web3 app built to reward community involvement.

Use the app to explore events and culture in your city. Earn WBLN for attending events and being involved in local conversations. Spend WBLN in the marketplace on NFTs, goods from local vendors, or anything else!

By leveraging blockchain technology and 5 revenue streams, Webblen has huge financial potential but our mission is always our top priority.

Overview Deck

Last Updated: May 2022

A comprehensive look at Webblen as a company. Explore the global problems Webblen is solving, growth opportunities, the team and more.

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Last Updated: November 2021

If you're ready to nerd out and get in the weeds about how Webblen works, you'll enjoy this paper. Read all about our mission, the economics, and the infrastructure behind Webblen.

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Investment thesis

the team

Kai Selekwa

Chief Executive Officer

Nate thoreson

Chief Marketing Officer

Carter Razink

Chief Technology Officer

qomoo atomsa

Chief Revenue Officer

jack maring

Lead Developer

Tim Sandwisch

Chief Operating Officer

Mikaela Wettstein

Executive Assistant

Partners & investors


Q1 2022
  • WBLN Token Launch
  • Webblen Community Dashboard V1
  • Finalize 1st city contract
  • Enable purchase of WBLN tokens via Algo/USDCa (SendWyre API Integration)
  • Launch Webblen app bug bounty program
Q2 2022
  • Plant first NFTrees in Fargo, North Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a city selected by the Webblen community
  • Apply for Bank Charter to allow non-custodial wallets to convert WBLN to ALGO and USDCa
Q3 2022
  • Quantify positive outcomes for engagement in the community to be displayed in the Webblen app and Community Dashboard
  • Offer WBLN staking to non-custodial wallets in collaboration with Yieldly
Q4 2022
  • Proof of Attendance Protocol v1 launch with integration into the Webblen mobile app
  • Webblen Network BetaNet launch
  • Proof of Humanity Protocol v1 Launch. Introduce Webblen Level and governance architecture.
  • Algorand co-chain open sourcing
h1 2023
  • DropChain v1 Launch
  • Webblen Community Dashboard Licensing
  • Algorand co-chain open sourcing
  • Algorand co-chain open sourcing

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