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Two-thirds of Americans report feelings of loneliness, lacking things to do and people to do them with. Every year, the US spends nearly a trillion dollars to address the side effects including depression and anxiety.

Webblen is a hyper-localized app made to build involved communities. Webblen not only shows community members what's happening in their city, but it also incentivizes positive community engagement by paying users for attending events and engaging in local conversations.

By leveraging blockchain technology and 5 revenue streams, Webblen has huge financial potential but our mission is always our top priority.

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Last Updated: July 2021

A comprehensive look at Webblen as a company. Explore the global problems Webblen is solving, growth opportunities, the team and more.

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Last Updated: November 2021

If you're ready to nerd out and get in the weeds about how Webblen works, you'll enjoy this paper. Read all about our mission, the economics, and the infrastructure behind Webblen.

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Investment thesis

the team

Kai Selekwa

Chief Executive Officer

Nate thoreson

Chief Marketing Officer

Carter Razink

Chief Technology Officer

qomoo atomsa

Chief Revenue Officer

jack maring

Lead Developer

Tim Sandwisch

Chief Operating Officer

Zach Mead

Blockchain Developer

Albi blanche

Creative Director

Partners & investors


$10 M
$1 M
1 Community Focus
Token Launch
$100 M
$10 M
10 Community Focus
Deployment of Webblen Network
$200 M
$50 M
1M +
60 + Communities
Additional Blockchain Projects

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