Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webblen?

Webblen is a community marketplace that pays you for being involved in your community.

We focus on two aspects of what makes a community healthy: Events & News/Information

As an event ticketing solution, compared to other platforms, Webblen is cheaper, better, and faster.

With Webblen Events, You Can:
1. Sell tickets to your events for free
2. Receive funds made from ticket sales with same-day deposits
3. Leverage tools and features to make your event a success (ticket scanner, attendees insights, etc.)
4. Have your events marketed to people most likely to be interested in attending your event automatically.

What more could you ask for from an event ticketing platform?

A healthy community needs a way to easily spread word on what is going on. What better way to do this than with livestreams? Livestreams gives you the opportunity to directly connect with a local audience without worrying about competition like on other global focused platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook.

With Webblen Livestreams, You Can:
1. Host digital events to provide a unique experience to your audience
2. Receive donations and gifts from viewers
3. Automatically broadcast your stream to Youtube Live and FB Live to reach audiences outside of your location
4. Influence and play and active role in setting the culture of your community


Why use something that provides no value and benefit to you?
Even though we provide tools and resources to help event organizers and streamers be successful in their community, that doesn't mean we don't care about everyone else.

A healthy community needs all of its members to be involved, not just a few.

That's why when you attend an event or watch a stream, you are rewarded Webblen tokens. Webblen can be exchanged for gift cards, discounts, and cash prizes in our shop.

With Webblen, it truly pays to be involved.

What is Webblen's Mission?

We want a world that pays to have you be involved in what's happening around you.

Even though we are more connected than ever before with the help of modern social media, people are feeling lonelier than ever before.
We desire the sense of belonging, but these days, the only real social interaction we get is through work our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc).

That’s not good.

To begin reversing some of the damage that social media has done, we’ve created a platform that literally rewards you to be connected and engaged with people and events around you.