4 Tips to Make Your Stream a Success in 2021

Nathaniel Thoreson

June 21, 2021

Learn 5 ways to host and grow your stream through Webblen, Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook

1. Promote 

There’s an old saying, “build it and they will come!” That might work for a brick and mortar shop in the 1950s but not anymore! In the age of the internet, people have literally billions of options of how they want to spend your time. If you want viewers, they need to know you exist! Platforms like Webblen, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways to spread the word. And it's super effective! Be sure to use all of them.

Gaining a following online means using all of the channels available to you.

2. Distribute your content across multiple platforms. 

As an up-and-coming streamer, you want to reach as many people as possible which means you have to reach people where they are! Why not use your recorded streams as promotional content to make more streams to make more promotional content! Recording a 60-minute stream can give you endless content for TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook. 

With Webblen, you can stream to Webblen, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch all through the app, its pretty cool. Check it out.

Alright the plug is over... back to the blog.

3. Engage with your community 

One of the main reasons people watch streams is that viewers can communicate directly with you - don’t take that for granted! Communicate with views to make them consistent supporters and advocates. 

If you haven’t already heard, Webblen is a local community-based platform. By default people in your local area will watch your stream. Grab your phone and explore your city that your audience knows and loves. 

4. Reward your top Gifter

Sure you have fun streaming, you enjoy the community you’re building but wouldn’t it be nice to make some money while you’re at it? So, give people a reason to donate to you! For example, if you’re showing off your cooking skills, offer to hand-deliver the meal to your top gifter. Yes, literally drive it to their house, and hand it to them!

If you aren't feeling quite that adventurous, money is a great incentive (If you haven't figured that out yet). Thanks to the internet there are thousands of ways to do just that. If you're lacking inspiration, just watch a few Mr. Beast videos and you'll have plenty. If you're streaming on Webblen, you can gift your viewers in 2 clicks.

All of this is to say, show your viewers you care about them. After all, if it weren't for them, you would just be talking to your phone.

To Summarize

More than anything, you need to give your audience a reason to keep coming back, to keep watching, and to keep donating to your stream. By promoting your stream efficiently and across multiple platforms, you will be on your way to grow your audience and build your community. Now the hard part, creating entertaining and engaging content. Make your viewers fell like they are PART of the steam, not just sitting in the audience.

With these steps, a little bit of patients and a lot a bit of determination, you'll be on your way to becoming the next internet streaming sensation! Now go create!

Download Webblen to create your first stream and engage with your community!