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Endless Scrolling 🙄

Published on
February 10, 2022
Does your scrolling have a purpose? What are you doing with your screen time? Webblen makes scrolling rewarding.

Austin Braham

Does your scrolling have a purpose? What are you doing with your screen time? Webblen makes scrolling rewarding.

What are you doing?

When you pull out your phone, how likely are you to actually have a purpose behind what you’re doing, and how often are you opening it just to do so? People open their phones something like 100 times per day, averaging out to once every 10 odd minutes. We are all guilty of this to some degree. A common term or practice as of late is aimless or dead scrolling. This is the act of not really even reading or watching anything, just pointlessly scrolling through content you’re not necessarily interested. It is a time sink, and not an effective one.

There are significant repercussions of this, ranging from the simple fact that time is being wasted, to the more worrisome effect of the empty feeling that tends to arise from it. When we pull out our phones, it is because the brain knows how often there is a dopamine (positive) hit from using it. This translates to the effect where we are oft to pull out our devices without even really knowing why. The irony, is when we do this, more often than not, we feel empty inside after doing so.

There is another side point here of note. Users want to be on their devices, and they want to find something worthwhile to read or do during that time. The problem is that the content they are used to is not designed to be a constant source of temporary entertainment, there simply is not enough content to sate the never-ending desire of people for distraction.

Webblen's Solution

Webblen, inherently, is designed to combat that. The system was built from the group up with efficiency, and purpose in mind. Granted, there are ways Webblen works with users to make event hunting and attendance fun, but at its core the system is designed to quickly and seamlessly learn from users (both through previous interaction and direct input) to match them with local events and streams.

Further, Webblen is intended to capitalize on this desire of people to find distraction, by delivering meaningful things to do. Webblen has the potential to completely 180 the way people use their devices. Instead of spending hours a day aimlessly scrolling through content that is not always satisfying, people can at a glance see anything and everything that is algorithmically proven to be of interest to them. In short, productivity goes up, time sink is reduced, and feelings of emptiness are alleviated.

That was a lot of words...

Let’s take a look at this context in a real-world example. It’s Friday night, again. You have nothing planned after your last class of the day. What are the odds you head home, pull out your phone, or other device at 7 or 8, then by the time you realize that you’re ultimately doing nothing, it’s past 10? Consider instead, on your way home you get a notification from Webblen. When you click it, you’re awarded a 5 WBLN bonus for engaging with the application, and right at the top of your screen is a recommendation for a local stream that piques your interest. You click on it and notice someone in the comments that catches your attention. After connecting through the comments, you have started a conversation with someone shown to have similar interests to you.

The evening has now turned from a time sink, to a new connection.
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