Getting Started Hosting an Event on Webblen

Nathaniel Thoreson

September 25, 2021

Hosting an event on Webblen is the easiest way to directly reach your local audience and build your community. Sell tickets 100% FREE.

Step 1: Download the App on Google Play or the App Store

Note: If you would like to create your event using a desktop, you certainly can; just clickWe recommend that you use the Webblen app to get the most out of your experience.

Login or Sign up with one of the options displayed:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Email
  • Phone

Step 2: Create an Earnings account

If you are going to be selling tickets for your event, it is important that you create an earnings account. This will allow us to deposit your profits directly into your desired bank account. If your events are free, you can skip this step. By the way, selling tickets on Webblen is 100% free, we will never cut into your profits. 

Go to your account > Settings > Create an Earnings account > Complete the prompts

Note: Webblen manages all transactions through Stripe, the industry standard for in-app payments. 

Step 3:  Create your Event

Navigate to the home screen > Tap the plus button > Select ‘New Event’ > Complete the fields > Tap ‘Create Event’ 

Note: If you are not selling tickets for your event, you can leave the ‘Ticketing’ section blank.

Step 4: Promoting your event

From here you promote your event with a shareable link.

To see your past events, just navigate to your account.