Getting Started: Stream to Twitch, Youtube and Facebook

Nathaniel Thoreson

November 8, 2021

Webblen is the first mobile app that allows you to stream to multiple platforms in one app!

Step #1: Download the Webblen mobile app

Once the app is downloaded, go through the onboarding process by setting your location, enabling notifications, setting your preferences, etc.

Step 2: Create an Earnings account

If you would like to accept donations from your viewers on Webblen, it is important that you create an earnings account. This will allow us to deposit your profits directly into your desired bank account.

Go to your account > Settings > Create an earnings account > Complete the prompts

Note: Webblen manages all transactions and financial information through Stripe, the industry standard for in-app payments.

Step 3: Scheduling a stream

In the top right corner on the home page tap the "+" button > Tap "New Stream"

Complete the stream details by providing a photo, tags (So we can help you reach your target audience), description, audience location, start and end time, and any social accounts you would like to link.

Note: Webblen is a hyper-localized app that only shows your content on Webblen to other Webblen users in your area. So, if you set your location to New York, NY, only Webblen users in New York, can see your stream. However, by linking your facebook, YouTube and Twitch accounts, anyone in the world can watch your stream from those platforms.

Connecting all the other platforms is a bit tedious but trust me, its worth it. The good thing is you only have to do this once. When you schedule streams on Webblen in the future, you don't have to fetch your keys again. Ok, let's get into it.

Step 4: Connecting Facebook

Navigate to > Scroll down to "Live Stream Setup" > Copy the Stream Key > Paste the stream key into the labeled text area in the Webblen App.

Step 5: Connecting YouTube

Navigate to > In the top right corner, click the camera with a "+" icon in it > Click "Go Live" > Scroll down to "Stream Key Section" and copy the stream key > Paste the stream key into the labeled text area in the Webblen App.

Step 6: Connecting Twitch

Navigate to > Click your profile > Creator Dashboard > On the left, click "Settings" > Click "Stream" > Your stream key will be at the top > Copy and paste your stream key into the field on the Webblen app.

Step 7: Go Live!

When it's time to go live, start a stream on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. In the Webblen app go to your profile in the bottom right corner > Click "Streams" > Select the live stream you previously scheduled > Click "Start streaming"

Just like that you're done! You are now streaming on Webblen, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch all through your phone!