Webblen Completes the Circular Local-Digital Economy with the Announcement of the Marketplace.

Published on
February 10, 2022
Webblen Completes the Circular Local-Digital Economy with the Announcement of the Marketplace.

Webblen Completes the Circular Local-Digital Economy with the Announcement of the Marketplace.

Fargo, North Dakota -- October 11, 2021 -- Webblen, the hyper-localized app that pays users for community engagement, today announced the introduction of the Marketplace, the final piece to the Webblen economy, kick-starting the decentralized local loyalty program. 

The Webblen team is on a mission to revitalize local economies and create vibrant local cultures by rewarding users in WBLN, an Algorand Standard Asset which is set to launch on the Algorand Mainnet in Q4 of 2021. Community members can use their awarded WBLN to purchase goods and services from local vendors.

Community members can purchase all kinds of goods within the Marketplace, like frozen pizza from Blackbird Woodfire in Fargo, North Dakota, or NFT art depicting local landmarks like the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Webblen’s simple and intuitive design lets blockchain technology work in the background, without inhibiting the user’s experience. At first glance, Webblen does not look like a blockchain product - which is intentional. 

“Sell the experience, not the technology,” said Nathaniel Thoreson, Co-founder, and CMO at Webblen. “Community members on Webblen shouldn’t have to know a thing about blockchain or crypto. Everyone uses the internet every day, yet most have no clue of how it works. With Webblen, all they need to know is that they attend an event, earn WBLN, and spend it in the Marketplace. It’s a play-to-earn game for real life!”

Webblen’s unique take on blockchain makes it stand out in the industry, as Webblen CEO Kai Selekwa explains:

“Webblen is a zero-to-one company. Community organization has never been disrupted, and we all feel it. Community participation is on a staggering decline and local economies have been hit hard. Webblen is doing something that has never been done: rewarding your humanity and enabling a more rewarding existence.” 

Webblen is committed to making products for the betterment of humanity - making them a mission-first, crypto-second, company. To learn more and to support Webblen’s mission, visit or email 

About Webblen

Webblen is a decentralized platform that rewards community engagement and positive social behavior to build vibrant, sustainable, and involved local communities. Community members are rewarded with the WBLN token for engaging in local events and media which can be traded for local goods and services or other currencies. Businesses and governments are empowered to directly engage with members of the community and mobilize them to accomplish community objectives. Webblen is on a mission to build involved communities while frictionlessly bringing the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain to the masses.

Media Contact

Nathaniel Thoreson 

CMO, Webblen

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