Webblen, the Web3 Mobile App that Rewards Positive Community Engagement, Launches the WBLN Token on Algorand

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February 10, 2022
The WBLN token officially launched on, marking the inception of the social digital economy built to facilitate positive social outcomes.

The WBLN token officially launched on, marking the inception of the social digital economy built to facilitate positive social outcomes.

January 26, 2022 – Fargo, North Dakota – Webblen, a decentralized mobile application that rewards users for community engagement, launches today on the carbon-negative Algorand blockchain. The launch is accompanied by the listing of the WBLN token on Tinyman, an Algorand-based decentralized exchange. The Webblen community aims to leverage Web3 to facilitate engagement and positive outcomes in local communities.

With attention and engagement being the primary metric of concern in today’s internet culture, community members from across the globe have become disengaged from the real world. This problem has become known as “The Social Dilemma”, a technology culture that catalyzes negative outcomes in our communities including disengagement, disinformation, and polarization.

“It’s time to focus on humane systems and technologies that enable positive outcomes and champion empathy in our communities,” said Kai Selekwa, Co-Founder and CEO at Webblen INC. 

The WBLN token launch marks an important milestone in the company’s seven-year mission to revitalize local economies and incentivize positive outcomes by rewarding community engagement. By rewarding users in WBLN for attending events and creating positive change in their community, Webblen creates local ecosystems that catalyze positive social change. 

The ecosystem is simple. In the app, users explore the events and culture of their local community. For attending events and positively engaging in their community, users earn WBLN tokens. Community members can spend WBLN in the pursuit of their own community initiatives or can exchange their tokens for goods and services through the in-app marketplace.

In the city of Fargo, North Dakota, where Webblen has been in use for 2 years, many local businesses have already engaged with the platform in innovative ways. For example, Terra-bate, an application that offers rewards to users when they make eco-friendly choices, has leveraged Webblen to sell “NFTrees,” or NFTs that represent physical trees to be planted throughout the city. Another local business, Blackbird Woodfire Pizza, offers users frozen pizza in exchange for WBLN tokens earned through community participation. Both of these businesses exemplify how Webblen can be used to improve a community’s public sentiment, environmental well-being, and economic health.

Webblen’s intuitive and straightforward design lets blockchain technology work in the background without inhibiting the user’s experience. At first glance, Webblen does not look like a blockchain product - which is intentional. 

“Sell the experience, not the technology,” said Nathaniel Thoreson, Co-Founder, and CMO at Webblen. “The Webblen app was designed to break through blockchain’s barrier of knowledge, an issue that has held back mass adoption. Community members on Webblen shouldn’t have to know a thing about blockchain or crypto – all they need to know is that when they positively engage in their community, they will earn WBLN, and can spend it in the Marketplace.”

Webblen’s unique take on blockchain makes it stand out in the industry, as Webblen CEO Kai Selekwa explained: 

“Webblen is a zero-to-one company. Community organization has never been disrupted, and we all feel it. Community participation is on a staggering decline, and local economies have been hit hard. Webblen is doing something that has never been done: rewarding your humanity and enabling a more rewarding existence.”

About Webblen

For the past 7 years, Webblen INC has been focused on developing sustainable technology and experiences to address this issue. With the availability of the WBLN token, the Webblen mobile app, the development of the Webblen Network, and the team’s focus on facilitating positive outcomes, this platform is in the position to empower anyone across the globe to meaningfully impact their community.

The WBLN Token

WBLN has been designed to be the materialization of positive outcomes, human empathy, and time. Outside of exchanges, WBLN can be earned by engaging and driving positive outcomes in your community.

Webblen, The Mobile App

Available on IOS & Android, the Webblen mobile app allows users to earn the WBLN Token and use it to its full potential. 

With the Webblen Mobile App, community members can explore local culture and view the health of local communities, earn WBLN for engaging with local events and media, and spend WBLN to drive positive engagement or be exchanged in a local marketplace for goods and services.

The Webblen Network

Webblen INC developed protocols on Algorand to efficiently provide a solution for communities (both physically and digitally) to have an “easy-to-implement” solution to build economies that rewards social behavior for specific outcomes.

To learn more and support Webblen’s mission, visit or email

Media contact: Nathaniel Thoreson,

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