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Webblen Partners With Verida so Users Can Own Their Data

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February 10, 2022
Webblen partners with personal data network Verida to seamlessly onboard users into web3 and finally gives people the opportunity to take control of their personal data.

Carter Razink

Webblen partners with personal data network Verida to seamlessly onboard users into web3 and finally gives people the opportunity to take control of their personal data.

Fargo, ND – February 10, 2022 – Webblen Inc, creators of the app that rewards users for being involved in their community, announced today that the company has entered into a strategic partnership with Verida as part of their Early Adopter Partner Program. Verida offers solutions that allow users to own their data and seamlessly onboard into web3. 

The case for managing and owning personal data is strong and timely. Recent allegations of unethical use of user data by large technology companies have made users rightfully wary of how their data is being used.

“Data sovereignty and ownership is critical for any company to gain the trust of its users,” said Webblen CTO, Carter Razink. “Webblen is at the intersection between web2 and web3. For our blockchain-native users, who are very sensitive to data protection, the partnership with Verida is especially important.”

Verida describes itself as “a network of personal data owned and controlled by users that unlocks centralized data for new exciting use cases.” Their plug-and-play solutions allow for users to have complete control over their data and earn rewards when it’s used. 

In addition, Verida provides seamless onboarding into the blockchain space with their single sign-on feature.

Historically, participating in web3 is difficult and cumbersome. Users must save a 24-word passphrase that holds all of their assets. If they misplace or forget this passphrase, the assets are gone forever.

Verida makes this process seamless. With the Verida Vault, anyone can create a Decentralized Identity (DID) within the easy-to-use Verida App. This DID holds all of your personal data and digital assets. With Verida, anyone can use web3 products without needing technical expertise as currently required.

Easily onboarding users into the web3 ecosystem is critical to Webblen’s mission, as Webblen CMO Nathaniel Thoreson explains:

“Sell the experience, not the technology. The Webblen app was designed to break through blockchain’s barrier of knowledge, an issue that has held back mass adoption. Community members on Webblen shouldn’t have to know a thing about blockchain or crypto – all they need to know is that when they positively engage in their community, they will earn WBLN and can spend it in the Webblen mobile app Marketplace.”

Verida Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Kris shares the opinion that simple onboarding is critical to a product's success:

"We're thrilled to bring the capabilities offered through Verida’s personal data protocol to the Webblen ecosystem. Our partnership with Webblen will help accelerate the onboarding of the next wave of users into Web3. Both companies have a shared vision of a seamless user experience and have identified multiple opportunities to collaborate on driving forward the technology to make this possible." 

In a nutshell

Webblen’s partnership with Verida will allow any user of the Webblen mobile app to own their data and digital assets. Blockchain-savvy users will also be able to own and store private information used as a single sign-on solution. 

About Webblen

Webblen is a decentralized platform that rewards community engagement and positive social behavior to build vibrant, sustainable, and involved local communities. Community members are rewarded with the WBLN token for engaging in local events and media which can be traded for local goods and services or other currencies. Businesses and governments are empowered to directly engage with members of the community and mobilize them to accomplish community objectives. Webblen is on a mission to build involved communities while frictionlessly bringing the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain to the masses. www.webblen.io

About Verida

Verida is a network of personal data owned and controlled by users, incentivizing them to unlock their data stored on centralized platforms. Builders access this data for new exciting use cases such as trusted storage, decentralized messaging, and single sign-on. User’s private data can be input into smart contracts, enabling connectivity to multiple blockchains.

The Verida Vault is a mobile application that acts as both a “Data Wallet” and a “Crypto Wallet” for end-users. It provides private key management and a user-friendly interface for interacting with the Verida network and supported blockchains. This is the entry point for end-users to manage their identity, sign in to apps, manage their personal data, send/receive messages and manage blockchain transactions/tokens. 

Learn more about how Verida fosters the development of powerful, secure, and user-centric Web3 dApps at https://www.verida.io

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