Webblen x Algorand: Knocking down the Barrier of Knowledge

Nathaniel Thoreson

September 14, 2021

Webblen is on track to fulfill its mission of bringing cryptocurrency to the masses

Fargo, Sept. 13, 2021 - As the first blockchain project to reward community engagement, Webblen is on track to fulfill its mission of bringing cryptocurrency to the masses regardless of the user's technical knowledge.


The Webblen team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of automatic Algorand Wallet creation for all users of the Webblen platform. Each Algorand wallet is currently live on the Algorand Testnet. Webblen plans to launch on the MainNet, along with its native token, WBLN, by the end of 2021. 

This update follows Webblen's mission to make blockchain accessible to everyone without requiring technical savvy - a common problem in the crypto space. 

"Even for the most seasoned investors, industry jargon and friction-filled onboarding can be intimidating. For those new to crypto, it can be an insurmountable hurdle. We are focused on fixing that problem",

said Webblen co-founder and CMO Nathaniel Thoreson. 

With Webblen's new integration into the Algorand network, users can automatically join the world of cryptocurrency. 

Webblen chose the Algorand blockchain to be its foundational technology because of its robust tech stack, environmental focus, and its "future of finance interoperability." 

"We are excited for what's to come," said co-founder and CTO Carter Razink. "Algorand is, by far, the most robust blockchain network that I have come across. The ecosystem it has built is second to none."

About Webblen

Webblen is a hyper-localized app made to build involved communities. Webblen shows community members what's happening in their city and incentivizes positive community engagement by paying users for attending events and engaging in local conversations.