Webblen's key pivot to survive Covid-19

Published on
November 8, 2021
At Webblen's core is Events... Thanks, COVID.

Nathaniel Thoreson

At Webblen's core is Events... Thanks, COVID.

Covid-19 has taken a lot from us in the last 5 months, our jobs, our economy, and loved ones. There is one thing it can never take from us, that’s our resiliency, our yearning to keep moving forward despite the challenges. Life will never look the same after the pandemic, or at least not for a very long time. In order to protect ourselves and each other, we’ve had to practice social distancing, avoid crowds, and limit the amount of time we spend out in our community. 

Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on many industries. The biggest being travel, hospitality, and in our case… events.

Prior to Covid-19, Webblen was solely an application focused on events. Users can find events in their local communities and get paid to attend with blockchain technology. Event hosts can sell tickets for free and cash out the same day

Post Covid, we quickly saw the revenue that we generated from selling tickets dry up. On top of that, we’ve had to refund users for tickets they’ve purchased through us for events that had been cancelled. So, just like the rest of you, we had a choice to roll over and accept the status quo or push forward our business with new, innovative solutions. 

Our mission as a company is to build a world where we are involved and engaged in our communities. With the rise of tech and the internet, we already have been seeing a rise in loneliness, depression, and anxiety across the globe. This pandemic has added salt to the wound. With this pandemic, we understand the mission we’re on is more important than ever before. We need a way to be rewarded for staying involved and engaged in our communities before it’s too late… so what do we do to pivot for the situation we’re in?

Getting involved in your community, shouldn’t be restricted to physical gatherings and events. We need a solution that allows for each of us to be engaged physically and virtually. We’ve added live streams into Webblen.

Our goal is not only to have this be used for virtual events, but also be the way for you to view or show what’s happening in your area. If you are in a city and start a stream, people in the same city can watch that stream.

Webblen is the best opportunity for people to more directly communicate with a local audience. Because things like local news stations are on their way out the door, we hope that some users use this feature to give information to others about what’s going on around them. That’s just one example, but the possibilities are endless.

Although COVID is still a pressing issue, many businesses want to continue throwing events in a safe way. We've done research and interviews with our event creators on our platform, and over 90% say that they are now looking to do virtual or hybrid (virtual/in person) events for the foreseeable future. Webblen offers the ability to market these events to users easily, driving traffic and bringing more money into small and local businesses.

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